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What Is Product Development? Definition, Meaning, Phases


What Is Product Development? Definition, Meaning, Phases

It gives an energetic feel to your brand and makes its brand personality more attractive. This is because your customers can see that you always have something new to offer. They get enticed to keep visiting your store every month, or at least https://globalcloudteam.com/ visit your website regularly to check out what’s new. The product development stage is the research phase before a product launch. Technically, this falls outside the definition of the product life cycle, but it’s a vital step to be aware of.

Purchasing digitally downloaded movies in place of purchasing DVDs. Blue Star improved its air conditioners by improving its compressor to inverter technology. Sony listened to customer feedback and it was the first to improve its camera by making their devices dustproof and waterproof. Micromax started its operations as a mobile handset marketer and added television line later.

Product Development meaning

The introduction stage took years for it to officially become accepted by the market. Additionally, the promised replacement of 8K is potentially years away, meaning that the growth and maturity stages might be even longer. Each stage has its costs, opportunities, and risks, and individual products differ in how long they remain at any of the life cycle stages. While there are differing opinions regarding if there are four, five, or six stages of the product life cycle, each option includes the following steps. We are looking for a product developer to be responsible for creating and developing new products and improving existing products.

Product Developer Job Description Template

This involves turning the product development opportunity into a tangible and feasible concept. Masters who know how to implement the SCRUM process ensure the smooth operation and continually focus on the improvement of the process, and developing the product quality. This way, working on simple pieces helps in time management, enhances creativity. It helps the teams integrate the feedback of supervisors and make the necessary changes and create what is demanded as well as needed. If you do not want to face any infringement issues in the future, you need to check the intellectual property along with the patent issues of your future product. It would also be beneficial for you to analyze the marketing-related fundamental traits of your product.

Product Development meaning

It is said that what cannot be quantified cannot be managed. Therefore, targets have to be established in various areas related to marketing strategy. To begin with, a clear statement has to be made about marketing goals and objectives that the product in question must achieve in a given period of time. After the scrutiny of alternative concepts, the next task is to conceptualize its marketing strategy.

So, this can be a smaller geographical area in a larger geographical space that the firm can utilize. This would involve a proper marketing campaign and various ways to assess how the product is faring. This includes distributor studies, customer studies, and store audits. However, the marketing strategy and the test of the evaluation of the final product are not part of this step.

New Product Development: Definitions, Concept, Need, Classifications, Process, Product Planning, Innovations And Other Details

Anyone doing a business must be familiar with the concept of product development. Whether you are starting a business, penetrating a new target market, or expanding it to new regions, you need to create a product development plan. The most crucial point to understand here is that product development is an evolving process; it is fluid. Sometimes you may have to work on later steps, and sometimes you may have to eliminate some steps.

Product Focus offers world class product management training courses for technology-based products. We run live online and face-to-face public courses where anyone can attend to build their skills and learn best practice. We also offer private product management training customized to the needs of a business and delivered online or on-site.

  • If the answers to these questions are definite, a prototype of the product is formed.
  • This also may be the time to consider adding additional services to support and further differentiate your product.
  • Product commercialization commits the firm to the product’s introduction in the market.
  • A company needs to put a lot of effort and resources into transforming into something sellable in the market.
  • They are given an opportunity to buy the company or competitor’s product.
  • Once a new product idea has been conceived; the current product range should be assessed.
  • They motivate and direct teams around the business to make sure the company delivers products that customers want.

It is test marketed in a limited area, which simulates the total market along with the intended marketing strategy. All ideas that survive the process of screening will be studied in details. We will have precise description for the ideas and features of the proposed ideas.

For companies developing software using iterative Agile techniques, this series of steps may look like a purely Waterfall approach. However, our experience is that all products, releases, or sprints will go through these logical steps in some shape or form. The role and mindset of product management is the 1st module of our course, Product Management & Product Marketing for technology-based products. If you are new to product management, our course Product Marketing and Product Management for technology-based products will teach you everything you need to hit the ground running.


This is followed by a product mission—the ultimate purpose of the product, who it is for, and what it does for them. Finally, it establishes some guiding principles for the work to come. This initial version of the product needs just enough functionality to be used by customers. Start your plan Easily write a business plan, secure funding, and gain insights.

Here, you’ll work to carve out a target market, conduct a market analysis to understand the competitive landscape, and ideally land your first few sales. The business analysis step makes sure that the product is in line with the objectives and goals of the business. These are all the process steps where the product doesn’t exist physically. The product is finally manufactured at the product development stage. The process of product development involves everything that is required to be done to turn a product from a concept into a commercialized item that people would want to buy. The process usually starts with generating a new product idea and requires research and development work.

Product Development meaning

For startup businesses, this stage is typically funded by the entrepreneur from their own personal resources. For those developing a new product, it may be wise to land on a minimum viable product as early as possible. A life cycle that takes it from being introduced as the next big thing, to something that everyone has and eventually everyone has forgotten about. This process is constant, meaning that every business needs to be aware of how it works and how it can affect their products.

How To Create A Product Development Plan In 3 Steps

The Management Dictionary covers over 2000 business concepts from 5 categories. Before companies make a significant investment in a product’s development, they need to be sure that it will bring a sufficient return. A company might design a good product and do everything perfectly but if the competitors do it in a much better, manner, the company’s product will fail in the market. A too late entry, a too early entry, launch during an economic downturn, launch along with strong competitor etc. will not help the product. If the product is launched at the inappropriate time it will fail in the market.

Stage 1: Generating New Product Ideas

They also create a demand for the product and then release it to the market. New-product development means to introduce a brand-new product in the market. It means to add a fresh product to an existing line of products. We implement this belief into our business by creating and updating the features that we offer for making your website building experience smoother and more convenient. So, how significant do you consider the phases mentioned above of product development in making a successful product?

So, though FEE is not a formal or a detailed outline of the product development process, it is best applied when the process is complicated, and the concepts of the product are mixed up. But the reality is that the process of product development includes product management. Your product development gets channelized through a roadmap which also includes product management. For example, below is a product development roadmap template that your team can use to stay on track during the development process. Once the product roadmap is agreed upon, it’s time to make things happen.

B Analyze The Idea

A great many new product ideas never come out of product research laboratories and are filed away. But at least these are better odds than those facing the manufacturer who does not believe in the efficacy of test marketing. Consumer testing of the model products will provide the ground for final Top Trends in Product Development 2022 selection of the most promising model for mass production and mass distribution. The product development method is how the company meets customer demands by releasing a product to the market through a variety of stages and steps. The exact process is dependent on the industry and company.

For these decisions would have to be taken in the area of labelling, packaging, pricing, discounts, promotions, advertising, and channels and logistics. New to the world – New products that create an entirely new product. Booz, Allen and Hamilton have identified six categories of new product in the terms of their newness to the company and to the market place.

Customer focus groups or the sales team might identify unmet customer needs. Many amazing products are also the result of lucky mistakes—product experiments that don’t meet the intended goal but have an unintended and interesting application. For example, 3M scientist Dr. Spencer Silver invented Post-It Notes in a failed experiment to create a super-strong adhesive. The product life cycle is the length of time from when a product is introduced to the consumer market up until it declines or is no longer being sold.

It’s a crucial procedure because it involves strategic and tactical considerations. They have an impact on a product’s and a company’s overall performance. A product to be successful should be well distributed so that it is easily available. A consumer should be able to purchase it very conveniently.

The chief value of such techniques lies in the discipline it imposes on management think­ing in relation to new product development. Additions to existing product lines are derivatives or variations of existing products. Coke – Diet Coke, Lifebuoy – Lifebuoy Personal, Horlicks – Elaichi Horlicks, Chocolate Horlicks, Junior Horlicks, Mothers Horlicks etc. Tata’s Ace was launched as mini truck and with its success, it was re-positioned and launched as a new product, Ace – Magic, a passenger version. Once the best product concept is picked up, it will be subjected to rigorous scrutiny to evaluate its market potential, capital investment, rate of return on capital, etc. Business analysis is a combination of marketing research, cost benefit analysis and profitability analysis.

Product owners finalize what product needs to be developed and created. Here, you are also supposed to do forecasting of the unit volumes, profits and revenues, and so forth. So, you have to incorporate a strategy that can help you change or modify different aspects of your product as per your reach and market presence.

For a product with a complex manufacturing process, there is a lab phase to create specifications and an equally complex phase to develop the manufacturing process. For a service offering, there may be new processes requiring new employee skills or the delivery of new equipment. These are only two of many possible examples, but in every case the company must define both what the product is and how it will be delivered to many buyers. New product ideas can come from several sources including customers, competitors, employees, Internet web pages, sales personnel, and complaint websites.

You need to consider different aspects of your product where there are some possibilities for improvements as per the responses of the consumers. Your technical support team should be on work for analyzing the feedback and responses of the users. Coming up with remarketing strategies, and other marketing communications for converting more audiences is very significant for this step. Here, you need to ensure that the product appreciates consistent product availability. Your marketing and advertising plans will come in play at this step for widening the reach of your product to its target niche. Does the concept in the above step make sense in the business and company contexts?

A new product is a product that is new to the company introducing it even though it may have been made in same form by others. In the area of toilet soaps, different brands introduced by each company are that way, new products as it is new to the company. New products are those whose degree of change for customers is sufficient to require the design or re-design of marketing strategies. Product development involves multiple complicated steps to bring a new product to the customers. This can be part of a rebranding effort or when an old product is being rereleased.

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